Digging a Well: A St. Patrick School Philanthropy Project

Welcome to the St. Patrick School Philanthropy website.  This is where we will share information about our school’s ‘Life for Water’ endeavor.  Our goal is to raise enough money to provide a village in Africa a ‘well’ for clean water.  Please feel free to browse our site and support our students in reaching this very noble goal.

Mission Statement

“We strive as our way of caring out God’s will to help

those who cant afford everyday necessities.”

During school, we are encouraging students to purchase water from the snack bar.  This is available during lunch recess and other times throughout the day.  Also, at athletic events hosted by St. Pats, purchased water is available to the general public..  $1.00 of the $1.50 charged will go towards the ‘Water for life’ cause.

Please come out and support our cause.


St.Patrick News

We have raised $2,300 and we still need about $3,800.

(We will now have a weekly update)

The Philanthropy Elective set out letters to local businesses to donate nonperishable  items.

Global News

The past projects by Water for Good: Brazil, Indonesia, Kiribati,

Active Projects from Water for Good:Cambodia, Kosovo, Rwanda, and Uganda.

How You Can Help:

  You can sign up for a race presented from Water for Good  or create a fundraising event.







      Lifewater from Water for Good