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Gradelink FAQ

1.  What is our School ID?    190

2.  Why is gradelink not working?

  • Make sure you are going to the correct site.
  • Check to see if your ID, username and password are correct.
  • The site may be getting an update and may be down for a few minutes.  If it doesn’t correct itself within an hour, please notify Mr. Loayza at

3.  Why is my account locked?  How do I get it unlocked?

  • Your account is locked because someone entered your password incorrectly 3 or more times.  The account locks to prevent the wrong person from accessing the information.
  • This can only be fixed by Mr. Loayza or Mrs. Johnson.  Please email Mr. Loayza at or Mrs. Johnson at

4.  How can I get my student’s log in information and password?