Independent Learning Activities

These are activities that you may do during Independent Learning Time.


Programs on your computer:

  1. Create a card, poster, website, etc. on Microsoft Publisher.

2.Create a slideshow on Microsoft PowerPoint.

  1. Create a spreadsheet, chart, or graph on Microsoft Excel.
  2. Practice your math on the Sunburst programs.
  3. Create an art piece or slideshow on KidPix.
  4. Create a music piece using Audacity.
  5. Create a slideshow on Photostory.
  6. Practice your typing skills on Type to Learn.
  7. Use Google Earth to explore places and on the earth and in the ocean.
  8. Create a stickfigure animation using Pivot.
  9. Do photo editing using Photo Pos Pro.
  10. Create a movie on Windows Movie Maker.



On the web:


  1. Practice your math skills on Arcade Math.
  2. Create an animated cartoon using Fluxtime
  3. Create a drawing using Sumo Paint or Sketchcast. (Username:stpatrick  Password: password)
  4. 4. Create a Timeline on TimeToast
  5. Do photo editing using Picnik or Blabberize.
  6. Practice your Math Facts on Study Island
  7. Watch Educational videos on BrainPop or BrainPop Jr. Username: stpatricksschool  Password: mercy

Choose an EDUCATIONAL activity on the Computer Lab website.  Here are some suggestions: