Professional Development

This page is designed to be a resource for the teacher’s at St. Pats. The purpose is to provide videos and links that will allow staff an opportunity to receive teacher driven professional development focused on the needs of the teacher and  relevant to improving the teachers practice with technology integration.

New – Tech ideas for Staff

Tweetboard – how to use Google Forms to create ‘Safe Tweeting’

PBL – GREAT project based  learning ideas/projects.

Google Forms – Self grading cheat sheet for Google Forms

Inspirational and motivational videos

Google Classroom

Blooms Taxonomy for apps

Article – Virtual Reality in the Classroom

2 Create a story app – K-2 digital journalo

Lego Movie app – Lower grade movie making

Symbal00 – for online bookmarks/books K-2

Seesaw – Digital Portfolio’s for younger grades

Kodable – Coding for K-5 students

Shadow Puppet App – Narrate over images

Newsela – Set reading level for students to read news

Snaggit – screen capture for PC/Chromebooks

EdPuzzle – Editing videos by adding assessment

Mathalicious – Real world web based projects

TodaysMeet – back channel for classroom discussions

edutopia-Higher order thinking questions

Higher Order Thinking Presentation

NEW – Check out App Smashing  ideas and Design Thinking

App Smashing: The art of imaginatively combing apps to make elaborate and engaging projects

6 amazing app smashing ideas

Unleash creativity with app smashing

App smashing ideas on Pinterest

5 ways to teach with app smashing

The Art of App Smashing

App Smash Examples

App Smashing for Teachers: The Power of Cross-pollination

ICTEvangelist: App Smashing

App Smashing iBook available on  iTunes (Free)

App Smashing video with Jon Corippo

App Smashing video example

Design  Thinking: A design process utilizing creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and empathy to find creative solutions to human based problems. It follows these steps:

  • Find a problem.
  • Empathy based. Learn about the user. Focus on user actions, feelings, thoughts, and what you heard. Keep this process user centered.
  • Define. Use synthesis to re-frame the problem based on user needs. Create a problem statement: Who and what do they need? User + need + Insight
  • Ideate. Brainstorm ideas collaboratively. Start with the worst possible idea. Build from there. How might we…?
  • Prototype. Take the abstract idea and bring it to concrete. Hands on building of the idea. “Put the idea to work.” Test.
  • Reflect. What works? What doesn’t work? What would you do differently? Redesign. Understanding failure is part of the process. Overcoming failure to redesign.
  • Feedback. What does the user think? What do others think? Suggestions.

Design thinking official video

Design thinking vignette

Design thinking vignette 2

VIDA Design thinking video

Design Thinking for educators

An Introduction to Design Thinking

David Jakes Design thinking resources

What is design thinking?

What is design thinking:  Course examples

Design thinking:  Lessons from a classroom

Design thinking challenge with 2nd and 3rd graders

Design thinking challenge for K-8 students

d.bootcamp PDF

Design39Campus Resources bootcamp video Stanford

TED talk on Design thinking

TED Talk David Kelley

IDEO, an innovative design company – 60 minutes video

Tools at schools

Tools at schools – big ideas

Tools at schools – research

Tools at schools – rendering

Tools at schools – prototying

Tools at schools – final project


 Intro Google Apps

 Intro to Google forms

 Links to Youtube Tutorials: (browse through the video selection below to get an overview of the app.  Also, note that a ‘Youtube Search’ will get you many more tutorials if you want a more in depth video on an app listed below. Also, the best way to learn a new program or app is to jump right in and play around with it.  Good luck!  Remember, I am available for further assistance if you need it.)


Google Apps:

Google Classroom quick Intro

Google Classroom in Depth

iOS Apps:

ScreenChomp App

Puppet Pals App

iMovie App

Keynote App

StoryKit App

Socrative App


Links to Tech Integration ideas. (This section was created to provide you with inspiration and ideas for tech integration in a K-8 setting).


Technology Integration Matrix – Videos for using tech in K-8

50 Things you can do with Google Classroom

Padagogy Wheel – Using iPads with Bloom’s Taxonomy

Project Based Learning

TED-ed Tour – videos and lesson ideas

Google Apps in the Classroom – a blog and explanation of using Google Apps

19 Free Presentation Tools to Wow! Your Audience

Google Apps Introduction – a site I created as an overview

32 ways to use Google Apps in the classroom

79 Interesting ways to use Google Forms

Blooms taxonomy and Imovie app

6 ways to use iMovie

Puppet Pals app and Pinterest

Storykit examples

ScreenChomp app in lower grades

Using iPads in a 1st grade classroom

iPads in a Kindergarten classroom

Digital Kindergarten