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Common Core Math Resources

  1. Common Core math index by grade level
  2. Activities aligned to the common core
  3. Learnzillion
  4. Khan Academy Common Core
  5. Youtube Common Core Videos
  6. Math worksheets
  7. Common Core Browser Middle School
  8. Common Core Conversations – list of resources

Math Games:

  1. Math Playground
  2. MrNussbaums math games
  3. Interactive White Board Games
  4. XP Math Games by grade level
  5. Math Chimp – games

Augmented Reality Resources

1. Article on AR with ideas for use in the classroom

2. Two Guys and some Ipads – Great teacher resource by Two Guys who really believe in AR

3. Kleinspiration – A teacher who shares the ways that she uses AR in the classroom

4. ARt work Youtube Video – Examples of AR work done in a number of unique ways using art work.

5. Free Pages for download – ColAR Mix app (3D coloring book)

6. ColAr Mix app lesson idea



Rubistar create custom rubrics

iPad Resources

 A list of the best Ipad apps that teachers need

Interactive / Smart Board Sites

Lesson listing by grade level #1

Lessons Plans:


Using WebCams in the Classroom:

  • Lesson on observing animals
  • Earth Cam – live streaming from around the world
  • Project Cam – connecting with other classrooms
  • Panda Central
    See live video of giant panda Hua Mei from the San Diego Zoo’s Pacific Bell Giant Panda Research Station.
  • Critter Cams
    Check out Animal Planet’s collection of Web cams, featuring alligators, elephants, rhinos, sharks, and more.
  • National Zoo Animal Cams
    Still and video cameras broadcast the activities of naked moles, Amazon River fishes, Asian elephants, ferrets, and other creatures at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.
  • Wild Birds Unlimited
    Wish you had a bustling birdfeeder outside your window? This site’s Bird FeederCam is nearly as enjoyable as the real thing!
  • Passages of the Deep — Shark Cams
    This site from the Oregon Coast Aquarium offers four shark cams!
  • Kelp Cam
    The Monterey Bay Aquarium sponsors this cam that spies on its kelp forest. The site also offers a peek at its penguins!


For Projecting in class:


Web Resources:


Worksheets sight:

Web Activities:

Classroom Management:


Professional Development: