Fifth Grade

Welcome to 5th Grade 2018- 2019
The Year of Giving!


Dear 5th Grade students and parents;

Welcome to 5th Grade! This is going to be a great year filled with learning!

We will learn through hands-on activities, experiments, many types of writing experiences, and creative projects. Fostering a growth mindset with regard to learning will be another focus of our year together. Embracing challenges and persisting in overcoming obstacles is essential for true critical thinking and meaningful learning to take place; we have to make mistakes and accept challenges in order to grow. I expect each student to give his or her best effort in every new learning experience or activity we undertake in our classroom.

Reading and writing are interwoven into many of our learning experiences. You will be writing a lot! Several of our projects include writing a mini-book about an explorer, writing a newspaper article about an American Hero, conducting an “interview” with a past president,  compiling and analyzing research for a state narrative story and persuasive essay, writing an iBook about the values that help guide your life, and engaging in a Genius Hour science presentations. Weekly responses to literature will also accompany each of the novels we study. Each of these projects take hard work, but they will help us grow as learners and have fun in the process!

5th grade will be a year full of learning both academically and spiritually, and I am very much looking forward spending this year with each of you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. My door is always open!

Thank you,

Miss Zumbro



Homework: Homework will be posted each Friday for the following week. Please check the homework page for new schedule and announcements. Student will also receive a hard copy of the homework schedule on Fridays. The homework schedule stays in student’s Friday folder throughout the week to allow them to make changes or check work that is due.

*Homework is subject to change based on the needs of the students and the flow of the class. Students will update their hard copy of the homework whenever changes are made.*

Documents: You will find additional copies of the comprehension questions as well as additional copies of project directions on this page.

Resources: Videos that I have created to accompany our math units are available on this page. Also, video resources for state capital memorization as well as resources about the periodic table of elements are available.


Topics of focus for each subject:


  • the seven sacraments


  • place value,
  • multi-digit division and multiplication
  • decimals
  • fractions
  • conversions
  • geometry

Language arts:

  • research papers
  • comprehension strategies with multiple genres of texts: inferring, analyzing characters, summarizing, determining theme, analyzing point of view, close reading of texts
  • grammar: complex sentences, subordinating conjunctions, interjections, prepositions, perfect tense verbs, and figurative language
  • spelling: root words and homophones

Social Studies:

  • U.S. History from early Native Americans to the American Revolution


  • focuses on understanding parts to wholes: atoms to matter, cells to systems, and much more!



Grading Scale:

100-97 A          82-79  C+

96-94  A-          78-74  C

93-90  B+        73-70  C-

86-89  B          69- below

85-83  B-