Kindergarten Share Schedule 2017 – 2018

Your child has share on the day for which they are scheduled every other week.  They are to bring one item that goes with the topic in the newsletter.  They should be prepared to say at least three things about their share item.  If there is no school on your child’s share day, then they are to bring their share on the next day.  If your child is absent or has to leave early on their day they will not be able to do their share for that week.


Week A Share:

Mondays:  Abigail, Adan, Augustine, Avery

Tuesdays: Briella, Bryce, Carson, Chloe

Thursdays: Connor, Emerson, Emmelina, Evan

Fridays: Hank, Hunter, Ibrahim


Week B Share:

Mondays: Jack,  Josie, Kaley

Tuesdays: Katelyn, Liam, Massimo, Matthew

Thursdays: Mckenzie, Molly, Owen, Roman

Fridays: Rylie, Scarlett, Shelby, Broxton