Homework (8th)

General Homework Guidelines

Look underneath for your grade and what I call Weekly Assignment Sheets (WAS).  It will list the HW for the next two weeks for the classes for those grades.  It is a time saver , but I hate the way it auto-formats when I try to put it only on-line (sorry!)

Next, homework time allotments are 75-90 minutes, as the pen moves, for Junior High, and 60-75 minutes for 6th grade.  Please monitor your “screen” time – texting, computer, phone as this will take away from your overall concentration & how fast you get your homework completed.  Effort, neatness, and thoughtfulness are the key criteria for earning FULL credit on your homework.  All three of these elements are easily accomplished when you work to your best ability.

Unless otherwise directed, all writing homework needs to be done in blue or black ink; math homework done in PENCIL ONLY.  You will be notified in ample time if something needs to be typed or not.

Any questions, please email me

Community Service Hour Blue Slips

School Year Stuff:

Weekly Assignment Sheets

Link to Google Homework Calendar – 7th 

History 8 USH_WAS_021418_030218

Math 7:  Math7G_WAS_030518_031618




Link to Google Homework Calendar – 8th