Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Inspired by the Sisters of Mercy and the Catholic school traditions of faith, challenging academics, and service to others, we partner with families to prepare well-rounded students for lifelong success.

Vision Statement

Providing a faith-filled, academically challenging, service-oriented curriculum so that all graduates are secure in their foundational preparation and confident in pursuing goals, serving the community, and finding success in future endeavors.

St. Patrick School emphasizes:

  • Connecting our Catholic faith to all we do and learn
  • Providing a comprehensive, technologically rich curriculum
  • Addressing local and global needs through active service

St. Patrick School Graduates are:

St. Patrick Catholic School’s Schoolwide Learning Expectations focus upon student growth and success. Living our faith and the charism of the Sisters of Mercy are foundational to our traditions of academic success and model citizenship. Each day a St. Patrick Catholic School student strives to be:

A Person of Faith Who:

  • Puts God’s word into action
  • Prays each day
  • Understands the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church

An Academic Scholar Who:

  • Communicates effectively
  • Sets and strives to achieve short and long term goals
  • Finds academic success through hard work and strong study habits

A Model Citizen Who:

  • Acts responsibly
  • Serves others willingly
  • Respects others in word and action

St. Patrick Catholic School

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