Scrip Program

The Scrip Program is a large part of the fundraising effort by families at St.Patrick School. The ability to raise money is not only shared by our enrolled families, but can also be supported by their friends and family members in the purchase of participating vendor gift cards. The school office keeps an inventory of the most used merchant vendor cards on site.

Scrip cards, which are vendor gift cards, are purchased by school at a discounted price. The school sells them at the full face value of  each card. The difference is how you meet your family’s Scrip requirement. For example: You buy a $100.00 gift card that cost the school $95.00. The $5.00 difference goes towards your family’s Scrip requirement. It’s an easy way for school to make money to help keep tuition costs down. And you will be buying the vendor cards for the places where you would normally shop. The difference is, by shopping with Scrip, you are helping St. Patrick School.

To see the full list of available gift cards, log on to Then call the school office at 489-1210 to place your order. Orders must be received before 9:30 am on Friday, or the last day of that school week,  for delivery of scrip cards the next week.

And coming soon, the ability to order your Scrip directly from Great Lakes Scrip. Watch for details in the Shamrock!

Scrip Program Forms