Service Hours

St. Patrick School Volunteer Service Hours Program – 35 hours total per family for each school calender year from May 1 – April 30

  • Twelve (12) mandatory hours are to be worked to make your BBQ commitment; hours in excess become part of your General Hours
  • Four (4) mandatory hours are to be worked at the Shamrock Thrift Store
  • Nineteen (19) General Hours may be earned through additional BBQ/Auction, Shamrock Thrift Store, Parents’ Club events, etc.


  • Annual BBQ/Auction – third Sunday in September
  • Annual Christmas Tree Sale – early December
  • Benefit Dinner – February or March
  • Shamrock Thrift Store – year round
  • Parents’ Club Events – the Parents’ Club sponsors events throughout the school year
  • Hot Lunch Program – entire school year
  • AM & PM Yard Duty – entire school year
  • Rainy Day Relief/Library Chaperone – as needed
  • Room Parents – entire school year

Miscellaneous Hours – throughout the year there are several opportunities to earn service hours. Please watch for notices in the Shamrock and on our school website.

To register at our Service Hour website go to:https:/

  1. Click on the New Registration link

Email & Password:  You will need your Email and your Password to sign up for shifts, to Clock In and Clock Out of shifts, and for your service hours to be recorded.  Please remember your Email and Password!

  1. Fill in the required fields on the Applicant Information page.

Email:  Your email address becomes your user Sign-In. Each member of your family that registers must have their own email address.

Permit Background Check:

Yes means after the Diocese of Monterey confirms that you have passed a background check and have completed and turned in
your Shield the Vulnerable Course certificate of completion
to the office.  Then you will be able to register for any hours that involve being around children, such as Library Walks, Parent Club events or Kindergarten centers.

No means you have not been cleared by the Dioceses of Monterey and you will be able to register only for Family Service Hours that do not involve being around children, such as the Thrift Store.


  1. Check your Email and look for:

Subject: St Patrick Catholic School Shiftboard Registration

From: “Shiftboard automated message (DO NOT REPLY)”

Click on the link in the message.

  1. Go back to your Email and look for:

Subject: Welcome to St Patrick Catholic School Service Hours

From: “St Pats Service Hours”

You should see your Sign-In as your Email address and a Temporary Password.

Click on the St Patrick Catholic School Shiftboard link.

  1. Sign-On to the St Patrick Catholic School Shiftboard Site and enter your E-Mail address and Temp Password to Login.
  1. Go to MyAccount located on the black bar and find the Contact Info

On the right is the Account Toolbox with a Password/Pin link to a pop-up box. Use Change Password to change your password to one of your own choosing.

Note: the Account Toolbox is also where you can check your ongoing total worked hours for the 2015-2016 school year under MyHours by setting the Start Date as May 1, 2015.

  1. Go to Calendar located on the black bar to view volunteer opportunities. You can view as Month, Week, Day, Hour or List. The Wide-Screen feature may make reading the Month view easier. You can sign-up to work on shifts from the Calendar according to Family Service Hours or the additional shifts if you are Background Checked.
  1. Log Out when you are done.


In order for your service hours to be recorded you must

Clock In and Clock Out of each shift.

On a mobile device go to or go to the full site


If you want to check your recorded hours throughout the year, go to:

Timecards on the top banner;

Click on Search;

Enter our Service hour date range which is May 1, 2015 to April 30, 2016;

On the right hand side of the screen click on the Processed drop down menu and make sure All Cards is marked;

Click Get Timecards.

Please contact Kendra in the office if there are any discrepencies (805) 489-1210
Many thanks for all your hard work!