Performing Arts

Welcome to St. Patrick School Performing Arts!

This year, we are celebrating the Year of Giving. Our next mass will be celebrated on Thursday, March 15th,  hosted by our4th grade class.  Please join us in Mercy Gym at 9am.

The Performing Arts Goal is to bring Joy to your child through the arts.  We incorporate music, dance, drama and vocals as well as highlight different cultures while maintaining focus on our Catholic Identity.  Please feel free to contact me anytime!

Tara Anderson —

2017-2018 School Year Events

  • Individual Class Masses
  • Monthly School-wide Mass
  • K-4th Christmas Musical: “The Night Shift Before Christmas”
  • 7th Grade Advent Service
  • 8th Grade Lenten Prayer Service
  • 2nd Grade First Holy Eucharist
  • 1st Grade Opera
  • 4th Grade Mission Day
  • 5th Grade Spring Musical: “Happily Forever After”

 2017-2018 Musicals

K-4th Grade Christmas Musical

The Nightshift Before Christmas

DECEMBER 14th @ 6:30PM


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Cast List

Night Shift Cast List

Rehearsal Schedule

October 2017 Rehearsal Schedule
 November 2017 Rehearsal Schedule
December 2017 Rehearsal Schedule


The Night Shift Before Christmas Script


1st Grade Opera


April 26th @ 1:30PM

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Cast List

Bugz Cast List


Bugz Script


5th Grade Spring Musical

Happily Forever After

MAY 17th @ 6:30PM

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Happily Forever After - MASTER Script

Happily Forever After Character List

 Cast List

Happily Forever After Cast List



Happily Forever After - MASTER Script



Month Date Day  Hosts
Aug 19 F Prayer Service Catholic ID
Sept 9 F class mass-chapel 8th
Sept 27 T Mercy Mass 8th
Oct 4 T Pet Blessing ALL
Oct 7 F class mass-chapel 7th
Oct 22 S Mass At Church 6/7/8 w 4th/5th/6th Choir
Oct 24 T Respect Life Mass 6/7/8 w 4th/5th/6th Choir
Nov 1 T All Saints Mass 6th
Nov 9 TH Veteran’s Prayer Service Staff w K & 5th Choir
Nov 17 F Thanksgiving Mass 7th
Nov 28 T Advent Reconciliation ALL
Dec 8 TH Immaculate Conception Mass 8th/ 1st
Dec 21 W Advent Prayer Service 7th
Jan 19 TH Blue Mass-1st Responders 5th
Jan 28 S CSW Mass at StP Church  3rd 4th 5th
Feb 2 F Grandparents Mass  3rd 4th 5th
Feb 10 F class mass-chapel  6th
February 14 1 W Ash Wednesday Mass  6th/buddies
Mar 9 F class mass-chapel  5th
Mar 15 TH St. Patrick Day Mass  4th
Apr 4 T Reconciliation Service  2nd
Apr 13 TH Stations of Cross  8th
Apr 23/30 S Spring Mass@ Church K-1-2
Apr 28 F Class Mass-Chapel 4th
May 5 F Class Mass-Chapel 3th
May 12 F  Prayer Service-Communion 5th and 2nd
May 13 Sat 1st Communion 2nd
May 19 F Last Mass Of School Year 3rd
May 26 F Graduation Mass 8th