Principal’s Message

A Message from the Principal

Dear Friends,

It is with great pride that I welcome you to St. Patrick Catholic School. Our school is a learning community that seeks success for each student as we strive to deepen our core values of: faith, life-long learning, problem solving, and responsible citizenship. These Schoolwide Learning Expectations help us to illustrate what we expect from the graduates at St. Patrick School. We envision them to be fully prepared to not only enter into the high school of their choice, but to also be prepared to step forward as citizens who understand their responsibility to give back to others and to their communities. Coupled together, these provide a solid base for students to face new challenges and to meet them with confidence and grace.

St. Patrick School, a vibrant school community, looks to the future and continually investigates new methods, new technology, and new programs that will give students the well-rounded education for which Catholic schools are known. Working tirelessly, the pastor, faculty, staff, administration, and school board make quality education a top priority. We are proud of our academics and our students’ accomplishments in the classroom, the community and on the athletic field!

We are also very proud of the family oriented community at St. Patrick School. School families, an integral part of the education process, provide our school with time, talent, and treasures that enable us to be a safe, nurturing environment for students and a welcoming, inclusive environment for all families. We truly are a family for families!

As a product of Catholic education I clearly see that the added benefits I received have served me well through the years. I attended Catholic grammar school, high school, and university. The well-rounded approach to education that I experienced helped me acquire strong organizational skills, critical thinking skills, and confidence in my spirituality. Now, serving as a Catholic school principal, I feel that my journey has come full circle. Once on the receiving end of a great education I now serve students and families and continue the excellence of Catholic education at St. Patrick School. I am thrilled with the path that our school has followed and continues upon!


Maureen Halderman

St. Patrick Catholic School

900 W. Branch Street Arroyo Grande, CA, 93420

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