Back to School Night Highlights

Back to School Night Highlights

August 21, 2017


Back to School Night Highlights

August 21, 2017

Daily Schedule:  Please refer to the schedule listed here and on the wall near the clock.  Each day brings new adventures.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30-9:30 MATH MATH MATH






10:30-11:00 P.E. PHONICS P.E.


















This year has been dedicated as the “Year of Giving”.  What a wonderful, positive way to start a new school year. When I look back over my life, I realize that God has given me so many blessings. As I thought about what giving means to me, I realized that it is important on so many levels.  Giving can be physical such as gifts or money.  It can also be emotional such as friendship and kindness.  We can give a hug or a smile.  We can give someone the time or give them our time.  The list is endless.  When I tried to prioritize each component, I realized that each has its place and it is always changing.  Some days we give a compliment, other days we give all we have.  As children of Christ, we are called to give each day, just as He did.  The beauty of giving is that we always get something in return; the satisfaction and fulfillment that we are doing Christ’s work.  I am blessed to be a part of a community that understands and lives this mission.  In my twenty four years here at St. Patrick School, I have been given love, support and friendship.  My goal is to be able to give back what I have been given.  Each hug, each smile, each kind word has been appreciated and incorporated into my soul.  Although I am the teacher, I am also a student.  I have learned about giving without pause and feeling so wonderful when others benefit from my giving.  There is no place I would rather be, no place that can lift up one’s spirit like this school.  I invite you to immerse yourself into this giving community.  I am sure you will find that you will receive tenfold what you give.


Morning Protocol:  Each morning the students are asked to get ready for the day before morning assembly at the flagpole.  If you are running late, please leave the backpack on the hook outside and your child will have time immediately following Morning Assembly.  No child can be in the classroom without a teacher or cleared adult.

Getting Ready

  • Boomerang folder with previous night’s homework in the right hand pocket
  • Water bottle on floor by desk
  • Something to read during free time
  • Hot lunch is purchased at window
  • Backpack is OUTSIDE hanging neatly on a hook!

Running Late:  It happens to all of us.  I ask that if you are running late, please go to the office and check in with Mrs. Johnson.  It is important that there is as little disruption to the learning environment as possible.  Please let your child come into the classroom and get settled on his/her own.  He/she knows what to do to start the day and they will feel more comfortable and responsible if they are allowed to do things for his or herself.

Grading System:  We operate on the same grading scale as first grade.  The children will be earning letter grades beginning in third grade.  The scale is interpreted as follows:

1              working well above current grade level

2             working above grade level

3             working at current grade level (this is expected)

4             working just below current grade level

5             working below current grade level (cause for concern)

Each child works at his/her own pace. They each have gifts; they just open them at different times.  Be patient.  Please look for growth in subject areas rather than focusing on a single mark.  Grading is based on many facets such as homework scores, assessment scores, participation and effort.  Please feel free to check with me if you have any questions or concerns.

We are on on-line for grades.  Please feel free to check Grade Link and see me if you have any questions.  I will post new grades weekly.


Homework:  Each Monday I will send home a homework sheet to be kept in the Boomerang Folder.  It will have the entire week’s homework expectations as well as the spelling list and any miscellaneous notes and reminders for the week.  Please refer to this when helping your child with his/her homework.  This information can also be found on the St. Patrick website under Second Grade.

Religion homework is to be completed in the Religion Journal and spelling is to be completed in the Spelling Folder.  The Spelling Folder will need to be changed after Christmas as it gets full.

I will remind the children daily as to what needs to go home for homework.  They are asked to listen and put each item on their desks so that it makes it into the backpack and ultimately home.  Please help your student to get completed homework back into the Boomerang folder, back into the backpack and back to school.  Only completed homework that is on time will receive full credit.  Any unfinished homework will need to be completed at recess.  Homework is collected daily at the beginning or end of the lesson.

Checked Work:  In addition to the Boomerang folder that you will be seeing nightly, you will also receive a Friday folder with the weeks corrected work enclosed.  Some is graded, some is checked for completeness and some are self-corrected.  Please empty this folder and send it back with your child on Monday.  Your child is responsible for putting this folder in the green cubbies to be refilled.   This is another great way to track your child’s progress.


Water Bottles and Snack:  Please send your child with these items each day.  Water bottles need to have a sport top and can only contain water.  It can be kept by the child’s desk to drink from throughout the day.  I have asked the children not to drink while I am giving instruction.  Snack is to be put by the student’s desk or left in the backpack until snack time.  Backpacks are to be hung outside on the hooks.

Hot Lunch:  Hot lunch needs to be purchased before the bell at 8:25.  If not purchased before the bell, the student will need to go to the office to buy it.

Bathroom:  If your child has any special needs, please let me know by writing me a note, otherwise, the children are expected to use the restroom at recess times and lunch time.  If an emergency arises, the child should let me know immediately.  If it is soon after we return from recess, the child will “owe” one minute of recess time.

Discipline:  I hope to foster a program of positive reinforcement.  I give the entire class points based on on-task behavior.  The goal is 50 points.  When this goal is reached, we will celebrate with a special treat.  We then start over and try for the next 50 points.  This tends to foster team spirit and group responsibility.  It is my hope that they will try to do their best each day.  In addition, each team can earn points for on task behavior.  At the end of the week, the team with the most points will get to visit the treasure box.  In the event that an individual “glitch” occurs, the child will see the stink eye.  The second time he/she will receive a verbal warning.  A third warning will get the child’s name on the board.  A fourth gets a check after their name and the child will be given a 5 minute think break on the bench at recess.  If it continues after this reflection time, the parent will be notified via e-mail or note.  I am a firm believer in open communication.  Please send me a note via email or child delivery if something comes up.  We are a team!  You can text me at 440-3957 or call me at home 922-3435.  My e-mail is or