3rd Grade Homework Schedule 5/21-5/25

Monday: Math- Study Unit 6 Review for test tomorrow

Spelling- Write each spelling word and sentences 1 and 2 three times each

Religion-Study Ch. 12 Review for test tomorrow

Tuesday:    Reading-Reading Log 20 minutes (parents sign)

                   Math-Multiplication facts timed pre-test:  time your child for 9 minutes as they complete as many problems as possible; check their work and have them finish the page if they did not finish it in the 9 minute time period

Spelling-Write each spelling word in a sentence (7 words minimum) then write sentences 1 and 2 one time each.


Wednesday:  Math- Home Connections worksheet pgs.91-92

Spelling-Write spelling words in ABC order; write sentences 1 and 2 one time each

Social Studies-Study review questions and notes for Test tomorrow


Thursday:  Reading- Reading Log 20 minutes (parents sign)

Math- Bridges Student Book worksheet pg. 165


This Week’s Spelling Rule: Odyssey Words

comrades rejoice drowsy
determination collapse agony
ordeal surrender dark
plotting satisfied whirlpool
anguish victim revenge
memory command torture


  1. The sailors almost drowned in the terrible whirlpool.
  2. Odysseus mourned the loss of his comrades.