5th Grade Art

In the firfth grade we start to learn about some of our master artists. We look at time, style and then we are able to make a interpretation of the project. I really leave enough room for them to make the project into their own.

IMG_5892 FullSizeRender-99 Vases inspired by Cezanne

FullSizeRender-102 The Scream by Munch

FullSizeRender-100 FullSizeRender-101

Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus inspired by Klimt

FullSizeRender-103 FullSizeRender-104 Starry Night, Van Gogh

Impressionism and how to create a project with the use of color.

FullSizeRender-97 FullSizeRender-98

The Garden of Versaille. Symetrical Art. How to design and create 3D on a flat surface.