How We Use Technology

Technology in Education

We have made many advances in the use of technology across the campus throughout the past few years. We believe that technology, when used correctly, can greatly enhance the curriculum by creating engaging lessons and activities that excite the students, allow differentiation of the curriculum, and incorporate 21st century skills.

Computer Lab: 

All students, K-8, attend weekly classes in the Computer Lab. Lessons are integrated with the grade level standards and the classroom curriculum.


St. Patrick has implemented the use of iPads in a one-to-one and group environment in the Kindergarten – 8th Grade classrooms.  Students use educational applications to practice the skills taught in class.   St. Patrick was featured in the Tribune for its use of iPads in the classroom. Click here to read the article.

Interactive Smart Boards:

Several classrooms are equipped with interactive Smart Boards which allow the teacher and the students to manipulate graphics and text with the touch of a finger.

Student Response Systems:

Student Response Systems, also known as clickers, are used in the classroom for formal and informal assessment of student understanding. They provide immediate feedback to both the student and the teacher allowing the instruction to be modified to the students’ needs throughtout the lesson.

Document Cameras / Mounted Projectors:

All classrooms are equipped with a front-mounted projector and document camera.  These devices allow the teacher to project a live image from a book, worksheet, or object for all students to see.  Teachers can also connect their laptop to share digital media with the students.

Jr. High Elective: 

Students are given the opportunity to join the Technology Elective during one of their four semesters in Jr. High.  The Elective covers a variety of topics, taught on MAC and PC, such as photo editing, blogging, creating a wiki, programming, and web design.