Schoolwide Learning Expectations

St. Patricks - Learning ExpectationsSt. Patrick School Graduates are:

Faithful Catholics who model the beliefs of the Catholic Church, carry on the tradition of the Sisters of Mercy, and actively participate in the Christian community.

  • I develop a personal relationship with Jesus through active participation in Mass, prayer services, and liturgical traditions.
  • I consistently treat others and myself with dignity and respect.
  • I strive to understand, respect and live the teachings of the Catholic faith taught in my Religion classes.

Responsible citizens who use diverse talents in service to the local, global, and faith communities.

  • I model the teachings of Jesus through my words and actions.
  • I take responsibility for my actions and use the lessons I have learned to create a better life for myself and others.
  • I perform community service and upon reflection accept my responsibility to care for God’s diverse creation.

Life Long Learners who set goals and effectively solve problems.

  • I set and achieve goals through commitment and hard work
  • I use life experiences and acquired knowledge to make wise decisions
  • I demonstrate the ability to think critically, act creatively, and carefully solve problems.

Well Rounded Students who demonstrate quality work in academics, the arts, and extracurricular activities.

  • I gain knowledge and an appreciation of the worldthrough academics, music, art, physical education, and foreign language.
  • I demonstrate knowledge of the core subjects through problem solving, written responses, laboratory experience, and cooperative learning.
  • I utilize organizational skills, apply research methods, and responsibly use technology to help me study and achieve high standards.